Carton Box Madurai

Carton Box Madurai

Corrugated boxes are considered as the ultimate choice when it comes to the shipping/ transportation of the goods. They are widely recognized for their durability and the ability to get customized into various size and shapes according to the business requirement. One such durable corrugated box best for the transportation of bulky goods are 7-ply Corrugated Carton Boxes. You can now get the high-quality 7-ply Corrugated Carton Boxes from V V M Carton Industries at a very competitive rate. We are the best manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Corrugated Carton Box in Madurai Tamil Nadu, India.

So what makes this 7-ply Corrugated Carton Boxes distinct from the 5- Ply Corrugated Carton Boxes?Its strength. This seven-ply is more reliable than the 5 ply corrugated carton boxes. They are so strong that they can be a substitute for wood. This type of boxes is mainly used for large containers and heavy loads to transport heavy materials such as metal parts, chemicals, export, etc. A 7-ply corrugated carton box can hold up to 40 to 100+ Kgs. This eco-friendly boxes are customisable and can provide the ultimate protection for the goods it carries.

Advantages of Corrugated Carton Box

  • Strong
  • Exceptional rigidity
  • Crush resistance
  • Sturdy
  • Customization
  • Provides Ultimate Protection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Economical

V V M Cartons employ high-quality materials for the production of corrugated cartons in Madurai, and they are guaranteed to provide the full protection for the products they transport. The 7-ply corrugated carton box from us is the ideal solution to carry your heavy-duty materials without causing any damage. They are built to withstand the harsh use providing exceptional rigidity and crush resistance. If you are looking to get some high-quality 7-Ply Corrugated Carton Box / Packaging Box, then contact V V M Cartons Industries.

Application Areas

  • Used for larger containers and heavy loads.
  • Shipping heavy-duty items such as metal parts etc.


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