Corrugated Box Madurai

Corrugated Box Madurai

Leading Wholesale Supplier of Corrugated Boxes and Carton Boxes in Madurai District. Contact us to get the best price and high-quality carton box in Madurai. We are the pioneer of the Corrugated Box Madurai market.

Corrugated boxes come in a variety of shapes, size, and types. They all serve a critical purpose- safety. Packaging of the product may not look like an essential aspect of the product, but it is this very requirement that helps you to deliver a secure product which in turn helps in a successful sale. V V M Cartons Industries manufacture and supply the best Corrugated Boxes in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Our firm has gained immense appreciation for manufacturing, supplying and wholesaling high-quality 5-Ply Corrugated Box / Corrugated Carton Box in India.

Advantages of Corrugated Carton Box

  • Dimensional stability
  • Sturdy
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • ProvidesUltimate Protection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Economical

What is the difference between 3-Ply Corrugated Box and 5-Ply Corrugated Box?

Just one thing- strength. The 5-ply corrugated box is more durable than the 3-ply. When the box is thicker, its loading capacity is more. Indeed a 5 Ply corrugated box can hold 20 Kg to 45 Kg depending upon the size of the carton. 5-ply corrugated boxes are mainly used as storage boxes. However, it is also used for shipping products. It is more durable than the 3- ply corrugated boxes as it can be stacked for longer periods than 3 Ply. Also, if you are planning to shift your home, then try considering 5- ply corrugated boxes as it will protect your products without causing any damages. It is mandatory to invest money for the right cardboard boxes when you consider shifting your valuables so that you can remain calm and tension free.

5-Ply Corrugated Boxes from V V M Cartons Industries is a cost-friendly option for all your packing and shipping requirements. We are one of the leading suppliers of Corrugated Boxes In Madurai who doesn’t compromise on product quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us to know more details regarding the Corrugated Boxes.

Application Areas

  • Used as storage boxes
  • Used for shipping heavier and bulky items
  • Used for home moving

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